Islamabad - Fruit vendors usually do not display the official rate list in a bid to overcharge buyers in the markets.    Due to abrupt increase in the demand, the prices of the fruits have gone up by 30 per cent from the start of Ramazan. Taking advantages of the situation, the fruits vendors are selling fruits on their own and avoid displaying the official rate list.  According to rate list issued by Islamabad Market Committee, Apricot per kg is available on Rs120, Mango Rs100 to 130 per kg, Lemon Rs250 per kg, Apple Rs92 to Rs130 per kg.

While the same fruits are being sold in the open market on higher prices than official rate lists. According to survey Apricot Rs150 per kg, Mango Rs180, Lemon for Rs300 and Apple (white) for Rs200 per kg.

Shahid Khan, a shopper said that the open market stall holders are not displaying price lists at their stalls and they mint money at 30 per cent higher than the fixed rate.

“I purchased mango on Rs180 per kg from weekly bazaar and later he came to know that the fixed rate was Rs120 per kg.”

He claimed that the officials deputed at weekly bazaar do not perform their duties properly or they have given free hand to stall-holders.

An official of Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC), deputed at Peshawar More Interchange weekly Bazaar, said it was also responsibility of customers to read price list of fruits, vegetable and other commodities and report any violation at management office.

He said they have to fix prices for weekly bazaar in view of trend at wholesale market.