Former British Minister and Conservative party leader Saeeda Warsi has called UK government policies as real reason of extremism in the country.

While talking to a private news channel, she asserted that government policies are responsible for extremism in Britain, not Muslims.

“There are about 3 million Muslims in UK and they are not terrorists,” she said.

Warsi further said that if policies had been altered then the issue of terrorism could have been tackled efficiently.

She also mentioned that due these policies and their end result, Muslim community is facing serious issues in Britain.

Her statement came after recent London attack when on Saturday night, police shot dead the three male assailants in the Borough Market area near London Bridge within eight minutes of receiving the first emergency call shortly after 10 pm (2100 GMT).

Eyewitnesses described harrowing scenes as the attackers’ white van veered on and off the bridge sidewalk, hitting people along the way, and the three men then ran into an area packed with bars and restaurants, stabbing people indiscriminately.

Accounts emerged of people trying to barricade themselves in a pub while others tried throwing tables and other objects to fend off the attackers.

May’s government announced that a nationwide minute of silence would be held at 1000 GMT on Tuesday to pay respect to the victims of the attack and flags would remain at half-mast on government buildings until Tuesday evening.

At an apartment block in Barking, a resident told Sky News he heard controlled explosions early on Sunday morning as police gained access to the building. A Reuters photographer later saw four women being removed from the building, shielding their faces as they stepped into police vans.