PR LAHORE - All Pakistan Workers Confederation (APWC) has urged the government to raise the pension of Industrial and commercial workers from Rs5,2501 to Rs15000.

APWC General Secretary Khurshid Ahmed also urged the government to restore the medical facilities for retired workers as they need more medical care in their old age. He also highlighted that the elite of the society go abroad for their medical treatment whereas the retired workers are deprived of medical facilities even in local hospitals.

He also pointed out that salaries and benefits of the Assembly members had been raised by 150 percent whereas the government has announced just 10 percent increase in the salaries of government and semi-government employees in the budget.

He also urged the government to adopt National Economic Self Reliance Policy and reduce spending on president, prime minister and other administration bodies and divert those resources to develop cheap electricity and water resources. He further said that the government should impose taxes upon the feudal lords, crony capitalists and major traders since 80 percent tax payers were wage earners.

He urged the government, industrialists and traders to arrange a payment of one month pay as bonus for the employees of public and private sector on the eve of Eidul Fitr so that the workers can celebrate Eid in the present high inflationary days.