KASUR-Ramazan Bazaars established to facilitate the public have allegedly become humiliating places for people where they find low quality foodstuffs at high prices contrary to the government claims regarding subsidy on foodstuffs.

According to report of a survey conducted by The Nation’s correspondent, prices have skyrocketed due to lack of effective check and balance by the administration and market committee as the officials are least bothered to play any role to provide relief to the public. They are restricted to their air-conditioned offices and are rarely witnessed at the bazaar to implement the government orders.

The officials also schedule the high-ups or the chief minister’s visit to those bazaars, which are well-administered and being run as per the government directives. Various Ramazan Bazaars are there in Tehsil Chunian and Kanganpur where children’s toys, instead of staple foods, are displayed at stalls for sale. The availability of staple foods at cheaper rates has become an unachievable task for the poor. The only noticeable thing at these bazaars is the foolproof security for which DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi remains active round the clock, visiting each and every Ramazan Bazaar to inspect security arrangements.

Talking to The Nation, consumers at the bazaars said the government, on the one hand, claims unprecedented boost in the national’s economy but on the other hand, fails to provide staple foods at subsidised rates. “If the government cannot ensure relief to the public then there is no use to spend billions of rupees in name of Ramazan package,” they said. “What to talk about subsidy on foodstuffs, the government is unable to ensure its sale at officially-fixed prices,” they flayed.

They urged the government to consider the public problems and ensure sale of staple foods at cheaper prices. They also demanded stern action against profiteers and hoarders who violate the government’s directions and fleece the poor public in the holy month of Ramazan.

Security inspected

at Ramazan bazaars

DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi inspected sale process and security arrangements during a visit to Railway Station, Mustafabad and Kot Murad Khan Ramazan Bazaars here the other day.

On the occasion, the DPO inquired from the consumers about subsidy on daily-use items and ordered the officials concerned to ensure scanning of vehicles, travelling on ways leading to Ramazan Bazaars. He also directed for deployment of lady constables to check bags of female visitors at the bazaars. He ordered to conduct patrol in adjoining areas of the bazaars. The DPO also appealed to the public to keep close eye on the movement of suspects and informed the police in case of any suspicious activity around them.