LOS ANGELES-Jodie Marsh has someone staying with her almost all the time and has stepped up security because she is afraid of her ex-husband James Placido.

The 38-year-old former glamour model split from James Placido in April 2016 after just eight months of marriage, and she admits she is desperate to move house because, even after stepping up security and having her loved ones doing ‘’shift work’’ to be with her at all times, she is still terrified of bumping into him.

She said: ‘’In my opinion he wasn’t a nice or safe person to be around at all. I am genuinely over the moon to be rid of him.

‘’Put it this way - the day I kicked him out I had a security system installed in my house, which covers every inch of my property. The following day, I had razor wire put on the outside perimeter and on top of all the fences

‘’I already had eight CCTV cameras. I now have 24. That gives you an idea of how I feel... ‘’I was worried things could happen to me and my animals...

‘’I have someone staying at my house nearly every night of the week. My family and friends do shift work.

‘’It’s ridiculous. To be nearly 40 and scared to be on your own in your own home is a horrible way to live your life. I want to move away, but it’s not something I can do right now. I think the fear will stop when I finally move.’’

Asked if she worries about seeing James, she added to heat magazine: ‘’Every day. I often pass him on the road in my car, and every time I see him I try to avoid him. I don’t think I’m paranoid - it’s due to things I experienced. It’s been a difficult time.’’

Jodie felt ‘’conned’’ by James because she claimed he researched all her likes and dislikes before setting out to woo her.

She said: ‘’I feel like I was conned. I felt like I’d met my soulmate and it was all lies. ‘’I feel like everything he told me was a lie. Within the first week of meeting him, he pretended his dream was to open an animal sanctuary.

That’s always been my dream and now I think he trawled the internet to find things I’d said and used them on me.’’


And the documentary maker claims her father is taking legal action against James as he is owed money.

She explained: ‘’My dad has started legal proceedings to reclaim money that is owed to him. He borrowed the money and said it was to start a business to secure our future together, but it wasn’t.’’