Islamabad - The holy month of Ramazan, markets of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad seem flooded with beggars trying to grab sympathy of people with different tactics.

Pakistanis, who are at the top globally for giving maximum alms, become somewhat more generous in Ramazan and beggars take full advantage of this characteristic.

Women carrying new born babies are seen sitting at the pedestrians bridges, centre of markets bus-stops or at the rush areas asking alms-money for children. Another popular trend is beggars showing medical reports or prescriptions to passengers at bus stops, outside medical stores, hospitals.

While at traffic signals beggars of different age groups rather ask for money directly or by selling trivial stuff like pens, cloths for cleaning cars, newspapers, gloves, blinds etc or offering services like cleaning of wind screen in scorching heat, just to get some money.

In evening when people come out with their families, they face another type of beggars who sit in the middle of chowks or some busy place with ‘wounded’ children.

Shops of eatables are the most favourite target of women holding infants asking for money whereas the dangerous trend of small children, demanding money or food is also on the rise.

These professional beggars get the share of genuine needy people, however, it is responsibility of people to opt for deserving, rather than giving money to these fake beggars.