ISLAMABAD - PML-N Senator Nehal Hashmi Tuesday withdrew his resignation from the Senate, apparently violating his party’s decision, following his meeting with Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani.

Hashmi, who is also facing suo motu proceedings of the Supreme Court for his threatening remarks against judiciary and government servants, in his withdrawal application said that resignation was given under ‘stressful atmosphere’.

Nehal tendered his application during his appearance in the chamber of the Senate chairman seeking immediate withdrawal of his resignation. Later, Senate Secretariat, in a statement, said that the process about withdrawal of Nehal’s application had been initiated and the matter was under consideration of the chairman and an order in this regard was expected to be announced in the House on Wednesday.

The sources of Senate Secretariat said that chairman was in the process of writing down his ruling regarding rejection or acceptance of resignation that would be announced in the house. It is likely that the chairman would accept the application of PML-N senator, sources added.

Nehal had tendered his resignation on May 31 following his meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his threatening remarks against the judiciary and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing alleged off-shore wealth of ruling Sharif family. The PM had sought resignation from Hashmi after a video containing his controversial speech against judiciary went viral on social media. The party also suspended his basic party membership.

After the appearance of Hashmi in the chamber of chairman, Leader of the House in the Senate Raja Zafarul Haq, Law Minister Zahid Hamid, former information minister Senator Pervaiz Rasheed and PML-N Senator Chaudhry Tanveer met with the chairman Senate and stressed the chairman to accept the resignation, Senate secretariat sources said. The sources added that chairman Senate asked the ruling party’s lawmakers that he would decide the case under the rules and his earlier rulings given in the house in this connection.

Parliamentary leader of PML-N in the house, Senator Mushahidullah also met with chairman Senate and after his meeting, he, while talking to reporters outside chairman’s chamber, said that he opposed the decision to withdraw resignation.

“It is to bring to your kind notice that the resignation in question, had to be furnished under quite unusual circumstances. It now necessitates its immediate withdrawal as it was completely under stressful atmosphere,” Nehal, a Sindh-based lawmaker of the ruling party, said in the application. The senator said that due to the pendency of judicial proceedings against him, he after due deliberations decided to withdraw his resignation to prove his innocence with a view to continue his responsibilities as a senator with immediate effect.

Earlier, chairman Senate under the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Senate 2012 and in the light of its earlier rulings had issued a notice to Nehal asking him to appear in his chamber on Monday (June 5) to ascertain whether “the said resignation is genuine and voluntary as required under the rules and the rulings.” However, the senator did not visit chairman’s chamber and sought a postponement for a “variety of reasons” and chairman had again asked him for appearance on Wednesday (June 7).



INP adds: Special Assistant to Prime Minister Asif Kirmani yesterday criticised Nehal Hashmi for withdrawing his resignation from the Senate, saying he had sacrificed his politics for a Senate seat.

In his reaction to withdrawal of resignation by Nehal Hashmi, Kirmani said Hashmi had violated the party discipline and policy by withdrawing resignation.

Kirmani, while expressing astonishment over Hashmi’s step, said it seemed that any of our political opponents had adopted Nehal Hashmi.

It is to be mentioned here Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Nehal Hashmi met Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani at his chamber and requested him not to accept his resignation.

Sources said Hashmi who was summoned by the Senate chairman for confirmation of his resignation from the upper house of the Parliament had withdrawn his resignation during the meeting.

Meanwhile, PTI MNA Shafqat Mahmood, while reacting to the development, said the withdrawal of resignation had exposed the whole drama and established the speech was pre-planned.

Shafqat Mehmood said the withdrawal of resignation proved Nehal Hashmi’s speech was part of the well-thought out plan against the JIT and the Supreme Court.

He added the objective to attack the JIT and judiciary was to stop the ongoing investigation and make the JIT controversial.

He said objections to the JIT members, Nehal Hashmi’s speech and photo leak of Hussain Nawaz were parts of the same plan.