Islamabad - A large number of philanthropists have arranged free iftar sharbat during the holy month of Ramazan including dinner for needy people to break their fast at various places in twin cities.

Philanthropists have set up temporary roadside stalls to provide free sharbat and meals for the poor people. A number of people including labourers, passerby and others belonging to under-privileged class break their fast with sharbat which is very soothing in present hot weather condition. A number of philanthropists showed interest to arranged free sharbat including iftari to help the needy, especially in the holy month of Ramazan.

Salman Ahmed, a resident of I-10 sector said the tradition of free iftar meals arranged by several philanthropists in different areas has been facilitating the poor people, which is a positive initiative.

Philanthropists in Islamabad and Rawalpindi who arranges free iftar sharbat and meals for more than 500 people daily with cooperation of some friends. “I am a poor labourer,” Liaquat Hussain said adding, “I don’t have much money to buy iftar food and break my fast at home. I usually break their fast sitting at a roadside charity iftar.

For many years, street iftar meals have been a Ramazan tradition in the twin cities because commuters were often stuck in traffic jams and fail to reach their homes in time to break their fast.

“Sometimes, I leave the office very late and I have to breakfast on the way,” Sohail Ahmed said.