KARACHI - The Hamdard Public School Karachi observed Youm-i-Babul Islam on Tuesday.

The day is observed on 10th of Ramazan to commemorate the advent of Islam in the subcontinent and the establishment of Muslim rule by Muhammad Bin Qasim in modern Pakistan in 712 AD.

A function in this connection was held at the Hamdard Public School comprised speeches, screening of a documentary on the conquest of Sindh in 712 AD, and dua-i-Said to celebrate the Youm-i-Babul-Islam - 10th of Ramazan and to pay tributes to the great warrior and the young Muslim commander, Muhammad bin Qasim who conquered the Sindh at the age of 17 years. Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Shaista Anwar Zaidi, Principal of the School, highlighted the importance of Youm-i-Babul-Islam and the route of Muhammad bin Qasim’s army.

Madinat al-Hikmah- the campus of the Hamdard Public School, was exactly the place where bin Qasims army set up its first camp when they entered into Sindh to take over this land and to spread the light of Islam here, as many historians agreed with this historical fact, she added.

She discussed in detail the arrival and later years of the great conqueror of Sindh, Muhammad bin Qasim, his administrative ability, equal treatment and fairness with his subjects irrespective of their religion and social status and also the political, religious and social impacts of his expedition on subcontinent.

‘Muhammad bin Qasim should be the role model for our youths as there is a great inspiration for them in his personality and achievements’, she said and asked the audience to recite fateha for the departed souls of soldiers and other people involved in this expedition.

Rana Khan and Ms. Humaira Tariq, teachers of Hamdard Public School, also spoke and briefly threw light on the history of Sindh, impact of Islam on Sindh’s society and social reforms, introduced by Muhammad bin Qasim to open the rigid old society of Sindh.

A documentary film, depicting the history of Sindh, life of bin Qasim, causes and impacts of Sindhs conquest was also screened on the occasion. The function was ended on dua-e-Said.

Syeda Hafsa and Maryam Zahid, students of Hamdard Public School, compered the function, in which parents, teachers and students have participated in large numbers.