The energy crisis in the country remains unchanged as the power shortfall sits at over 7,000MW.

According to the power division sources, the demand in the country for electricity has exceeded 27,200MW while the production capability rests at 21,000MW.

The duration of unannounced load shedding in rural and urban areas remains 12 hours.

“There is a nationwide power production of 21,000MW, resulting in a shortfall of 7200 MW,” they added.

Despite claims by the federal government and the PM’s strict orders to curb load-shedding, severe power cuts are being experienced across the country causing damages to businesses in particular.

Moreover, three major power companies had shut down 16 power plants across the country due to a non-supply of fuel on June 4, 2022.

The Hub Power Company (HUBCO), Lalpir Power Limited and PakGen Power had shut down 16 power plants – including Tarbela and Jamshoro – due to mismanagement in the supply of furnace oil.

LESCO faced a shortfall of 1200 MW after its demand peaked at 5200MW as compared to a power supply of 4000MW. Lahore is facing power outages between six to eight hours due to the energy crisis.

The federal cabinet would approve the new load-shedding schedule today, scorching heat has overloaded the system, claims NTDC.