LAHORE PR - As health and safety becomes a growing priority for consumers, Akzo Nobel Pakistan has taken on the task to secure families within homes. The company has launched the upgraded Dulux EasyCare Anti-Viral proposition in the premium interior washable paints segment.

The paint that parents trust on their walls as it is tough on stains and bacteria, is now also tough on virus. Boosted with the new Silver Ion Technology, Dulux EasyCare provides an added layer of anti-viral protection that helps to effectively work against certain virus. Launched yesterday, Dulux EasyCare is now available for purchase at selected outlets across Pakistan. “At AkzoNobel, we are constantly on the lookout for technologies to push the boundaries in safeguarding families and enhancing living through paint. As the importance of health and wellness gains traction in a post-pandemic world, I am proud that our new Dulux EasyCare Anti-Viral can support that vision by protecting our consumers starting from the four walls of their homes,” shares Mubbasher Omar, Chief Executive Officer, AkzoNobel Pakistan Limited.

The upgraded Dulux EasyCare now provides four-pronged peace-of-mind to parents. Dulux EasyCare actively safeguards the health of families against unseen threats and makes living environment safer.  In addition to its existing anti-bacterial properties, the offering is now boosted with the new Silver Ion Technology for added anti-viral protection. AkzoNobel is coming to the aid of young families who want to play, express and live worry-free in their homes. The celebrated KidProof+ technology in Dulux Easy Care ensures that walls stay stain free and clean for longer. The protective layer on the paint film actively resists common household stains caused by liquids (such as fruit juices, tomato sauce, ice creams etc.), stationary (chalk, fluorescent pens), dust and mud. This innovative paint offering also merges the best-in-class performance with global aesthetics. The Colourguard technology helps walls remain vibrant for longer. Its now easy to bring alive your look on walls as AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center has developed an extensive palette with over 2000 colouroptions to choose from.