SHC orders to initiate treatment of Transgender suffering from HIV/AIDs

Sindh High Court on Wednesday issued directives to the Civil Hospital administration, ordering them to commence the treatment of transgender patients suffering from HIV/AIDS without any further delay.

According to the details, a case related to non-treatment of Khwaja Sira in civil hospital suffering from HIV/AIDS was heard in Sindh High Court highlighting the urgent need for immediate attention to the healthcare needs of these individuals.

Responding to the alarming situation, the court issued a clear directive to the Civil Hospital administration, ordering them to commence the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients without any delay.

During the proceedings, the court expressed its concern for the patients and empathetically communicated with the Civil Hospital representative, stating, “We do not want to inconvenience you again.”

The court also sought the implementation report from the Secretary Health after the summer vacation.

The Additional Superintendent of Civil Hospital, Dr. Harish Kumar, stated that the hospital appointed a focal person to address the concerns raised in the case.

“Please Return to Civil Hospital Today, We Are Ready for Treatment,” Dr. Harish Kumar said.

He further maintained the Khuwaja Sira should have some misunderstanding as the hospital administration never thought of any sort of discrimination regarding the HIV/AIDs treatment.

He emphasized that all patients will receive equal attention and care as per established medical protocols.

While responding to the Justice Yousaf Ali Saeed’s inquiry about the specific protocols in place for HIV/AIDS cases, Dr. Kumar explained that the screening phase precedes the actual treatment for HIV-positive patients.

The court instructed the concerned parties to contact the designated focal person at Civil hospital without delay for the necessary treatment.

The court directed the focal person to ensure the process of starting the treatment for the effected patients without any discrimination.

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