Over 150,000 SIMs of non-filers blocked so far: FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) blocked 150,000 SIM cards of non-compliant taxpayers to enforce tax compliance.

As per details, the FBR confirmed that 150,000 SIM cards of non-filers have been blocked, with FBR providing data for 5,000 non-filers daily to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The spokesperson stated that the non-filers can have their SIM cards restored after submitting their income tax returns.

“To date, 18,902 SIM cards have been reactivated after the individuals paid their taxes and were included in the list of active taxpayers,” the spokesperson added.

Earlier, the FBR spokesperson debunked the news of blocking the SIM cards of tax filers and stated that there is no truth to reports related to blocking SIM cards of tax filers, as there is no system in place for it.

It is pertinent to mention here that the FBR has issued an income tax general order, calling the authorities to block the SIM cards of more than 506,671 identified non-compliant taxpayers across the nation.

According to the details, the FBR identified more than 506,671 individuals, eligible to file income tax returns but not included in the FBR Active Tax Payer List.

“Despite being eligible, these individuals have not fulfilled their tax obligations,” an FBR spokesperson stated.

The FBR has initiated action against non-compliant taxpayers and warned the tax evaders that the SIM card can be blocked at any time if they fail to file their tax returns.

The FBR has taken decisive action against taxpayers who are not fulfilling their obligations and warned them of the consequences, including a SIM card blockade at any time if the individuals fail to file their tax returns.

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