ISLAMABAD   -   All is set for a show of power by the Pakistan People’s Party tomorrow in the federal capital as PPP chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari leads the anti-government long march.

The PPP long march will reach Rawalpindi today and then move to Islamabad tomorrow. The demonstration seeks to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan. The PPP is buoyant by Nadeem Afzal Chan’s joining the party as the party hopes to perform better in Punjab.

PPP Vice President Senator Sherry Rehman said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s public march was proving to be a game changer and will send the govt packing. “From Karachi to Lahore the public support and enthusiastic response is wonderful and amazing,” she said. She said the public participation is increasing with each passing day and city.  “PPP has once again proved to be a real people’s party.  The old workers and leaders of the Punjab have become active again,” she said in a series of tweets. The new generation, she added, was leaning towards PPP’s liberal and progressive political ideology which was a positive development in the country’s political scenario.

“Now people are disappointed with hollow slogans and claims. People want to be part of a real political movement.  People are disappointed with hollow slogans and claims. People want to be part of a real political movement,” the PPP leader said. Sherry Rehman said through the people’s march, the nation has presented a no-confidence vote against the government. “Even before the march reaches Islamabad, unrest has increased in government circles. Only after the people’s march has Prime Minister (Imran Khan) remembered the people and allies. But now it’s too late,” she added.

Meanwhile, PPP General Secretary Nayyar Bukhari said the PPP workers will give a historic welcome to Bilawal today (March 7).

“Bilawal’s camp is in Rawat Islamabad. Participants will spend the night there. Islamabad administration has been requested for a D-Chowk meeting. Arrangements for the D-Chowk meeting are complete. We are not afraid of the administration. The administration is warned to avoid becoming an employee of PTI,” he said.

Bukhari said the country needed a leadership like Bilawal Bhutto. “People want employment, education and health facilities. PPP must come to power for the sake of the working class The harder you work, the sooner you will get power,” he stressed.