RAWALPINDI - The Rawalpindi district coronavirus positivity ratio was recorded at 1.O2 per cent here on Sunday, which was the lowest rate recorded after the arrival of the Omicron virus during the year 2022. According to new data released by the District Health Authority, the district health authority has registered 14 new infections during the last 24 hours, including 13 of Rawalpindi and one from outside the district.

It updated that patients reported included five belonged to Rawalpindi Cantt and Potohar Town, two from Rawal town and one from Taxila and Layyah.

“Presently, ten confirmed patients are admitted to four health facilities including six in the Institute of Urology, two in the Benazir Bhutto Hospital and one of each in the Bilal and Fauji Foundation Hospital,” he added. The report elaborated that one patient was on the ventilator in critical condition, one stable and eight on double oxygen support.