Peshawar - University of Peshawar Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Idrees said on Sunday that providing quality education to students is a priority of the university administration.

In response to Friday’s protest by staffers at the university against the provincial government and university administration, Dr Muhammad Idrees said a baseless propaganda was sometimes carried out against the university administration. He said that the university administration has resolved financial crisis with the support of the government to a great extent.

“University of Peshawar is supposedly KP’s flagship university. What happens here is watched widely across the country. This is why, the staff should not waste students’ time through such protests,” he added.

The VC said that universities are run under the supervision of the Higher Education Commission and Higher Education Department regarding academic and financial matters and this is unfair to waste students’ time and classes through protests.

“As per the demands in the employees’ protest, the University of Peshawar has already approved 10pc increase in the salaries and also planned for the approval of 20pc further raise as the university has always had serious consultations to resolve budget, salaries, expenditures, pensions, and other financial matters,” he said.

He said all decisions of the university are being passed by the competent body of the university like F&PC and syndicate in which no one should have any doubt.

The provincial government recently released Rs450 million bailout package along with a 50 million performance incentive to the university to combat the financial crisis and run the varsity finances like salaries and expenditures smoothly.

The pending selection board of 2018 has been discussed in two meetings by a committee comprising all deans under the need-based assessment report by the provincial inspection team (PIT).

He said some 52 Class-III, Class-IV employees, and sanitation staff had already been promoted, while 500 more promotion cases were in progress by the selection committee.

He said that as per the decision of the syndicate, deduction of 5pc from the salaries of the employees will be spent on the maintenance of houses they live in.

He said there is no fee in the constituent schools of the university for children of Class-III and Class-IV employees, while 50pc fee is admissible for other employees.

He said the conveyance allowance has only been deducted during the winter vacations as per the recommendation of the Departmental Audit Committee (DAC) and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the inquiry report by the Provincial Inspection Team (PIT) made in 2020.

He said the university has recruited about 200 PhD degree holders with high-impact research papers published as visiting teachers for the four years BS programme in various disciplines after a proper advertisement and selection mechanism.

“Therefore, to facilitate the teachers, students, and general public, all academic units and administrative offices must carry out their routine academic activities without any break/interruption,” he added.