The facilitator of the suicide bomber of the Peshawar blast in Kocha Risaldar has been identified by the security forces.

According to police sources, the facilitator’s picture and data has been obtained. The suspect belongs to Jamrud Agency of Peshawar, the sources further told.

Police official also told that the suicide bomber’s name was Abdullah.

It merits mentioning here that, another video surfaced of the suicide bomber arriving at the blast scene. The scene of entering Kohati Gate with the facilitators is clear in the video. While the attacker entered the mosque after firing which caused chaos among the worshipers.

The video clearly shows the scene of the suicide bomber reaching the blast site.

It could be seen in the video that the facilitators stopped the suicide bomber as he approached Kocha Risaldar. The assailant was talking to his comrades under the guise of a rickshaw. The three terrorists then returned to Kohati Chowk and shortly after, one terrorist returned alone and attacked.