This year was a period with many tumultuous events, starting from politics to the economic realms of the country. The current reign of the PTI has faced unprecedented incidents that preclude the party from implementing its core policies. The commencement government misrepresented and showed allures in the economy’s context and persuaded people about the developments that the preceding governments failed to attain in their election campaign. People witnessed hollow promises.

The amalgamation of the government’s internal disagreements, inability and the outburst of covid-19 in the last twelve months, which sets a sturdy barrier against the government’s policy and country’s upliftment, casts a rickety warp and woof of the country’s business. In this respect, the PTI’s government is losing its popularity in the public’s eyes. This will cause dethroning of governments which we can conveniently observe in general elections. The level of disillusionment is so severe that the people of Pakistan will not make an effort to test Imran Khan’s government. Moreover, it is likewise challenging to take advantage of this political uncertainty for the traditional parties like PML-N and PPP, as they failed to secure the trust of their voters. In such a state of affairs, the religious parties succeed in asserting their authority, and it seems that the lurking forces are keen to bring a clerical party to power. In that case, the situation would be more precarious as things go. The people will have to adhere to a religious ideology that will restrict one’s perception, suppress their thoughts, and live in hypocrisy that ultimately sharpens the tooth of fundamentalism in the country.

Again, we are expected to see the continuing episodes of the tug of war between the governmental organs this year. It is the regular practice in our country to subjugate the rights of one another for political gains, which incorporates the inconsistent attitude of public servants in the legislature and the controversial judgments, videos, and affidavits by honourable judges. Allegedly we have left the 2021 year back. However, we are stuck in the past decades by following the exact mechanism and echoing the same mistakes individually and nationwide. To make this new year a new year, we all need moral ambitiousness wanting to correct our activities. A sharp resolution implies that we are not a victim fated by circumstances and owned by luck but an individual who can make choices not to rehash the same mistake.