MAILSI CITY   -   Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday lashed out at European Union (EU) countries for demanding Pakistan to vote against Russia during the last week’s emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Taking a strong note of a letter written by the European Union ambassadors in Pakistan over the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he asked them whether they had sent such a letter to India. He said it was Pakistan that had supported NATO in the war on terror. The rulers at that time supported these countries.

What was the outcome of that war, Pakistan lost 80,000 precious lives, 3.5 million people in the tribal areas were displaced while the country had suffered an economic loss of $100 billion dollars, he added.

The prime minister said that instead of acknowledging such huge sacrifices, certain countries in Europe blamed Pakistan for their failures in Afghanistan.

“In Kashmir, India had brazenly violated UNSC resolutions. Whether they have criticised or severed ties with India or stopped trade?” the prime minister posed a question. He said that they had not been slaves to anyone to follow their dictates. About 400 drone attacks were recorded during 2008 to 2018. In history, it never happened that a country fighting for another’s war had been targeted.

The prime minister said that a self-reliant nation could achieve greatness while a nation begging before others was akin to using of crutches. Referring to the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict, the prime minister said that they did not want strained relations with any country.

“We desire good ties with all countries including Russia, the US and China and will not become a part of any camp,” he reiterated. The prime minister said Pakistan would endeavour to stop war in Ukraine and would support such efforts as its impacts were resulting in the economic woes across the world, with prices of gas and petroleum spiraling.

“Pakistan will not be a partner in any war, but will support all efforts for peace,” he emphasised. The prime minister said he was born to parents who had taught him not to become subservient to anyone. Imran Khan had neither bowed before anyone nor would let the nation to bend before any other country, he declared.

The prime minister, on the other hand, taking a firm stance, said he would direct air force to shoot down any drone violating Pakistan’s space.