Pressure on PM Imran to mount in coming days: Shehbaz Sharif

The leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said that the pressure on Prime Minister Imran Khan will mount in the coming days.

In a recent statement Shehbaz Sharif said that No-confidence motion is the demand of public. The opposition is following the public decision. No-confidence motion is the only way to save the country from economic crisis.

Further criticizing the government he said that the inflation has become unbearable for people. They want relief from the tyrant government.

Mere using ill words can not stop the no-confidence motion. The attitude is a proof of panic. In the coming days Imran Niazi will become even more panicked, while the panic in people will be released, the PML-N Leader went on saying.

While passing remarks on inflation Shehbaz Sharif also said that in order to get rid of inflation, to get rid of the current government serves as a condition. The incumbent government with its wrong policies and decisions is responsible for inflation. Imran Khan and politics move in opposite directions.

The PML-N leader was also concerned about the position of the state on international level.He mentioned that Imran Khan has ruined his politics and reputation. Don’t jeopardize the politics and reputation of Pakistan Internationally. It’s better not to talk about the International political position of Pakistan when the politics in the country is at stake.

The careless talk by the Prime Minister of a nuclear power Pakistan regarding the foreign affairs could turn out to be dangerous. People and countries have to pay for the wrong decisions made by the government, added Mr. Shehbaz.

He also asked the government to realize and be cautious of further experimentation as it will be better for Pakistan, after the poor demonstration in foreign and internal affairs, Inflation, unemployment and economic catastrophe.

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