CM Mohsin calls for unity, inter-provincial harmony

Urging all stakeholders to put their differences aside

LAHORE   -   Caretaker Chief Minister Pun­jab Mohsin Naqvi on Mon­day met with Sindh Gover­nor Kamran Khan Tessori at Governor House Karachi and discussed matters of mutual interest.

Both strongly condemned the terrorism incident in Quetta. Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi emphasized the impor­tance of the sacrifices made by law enforcement agencies, stating that everyone had a role to play in ensuring last­ing peace in the country.

He also called for unity and inter-provincial harmony, urging all stakeholders to put their differences aside and work together for the greater good. Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori echoed this sentiment, stating that the people were united and that terrorists would never succeed in their nefarious designs. He com­mended the sacrifices made by law enforcement agencies and stressed the need for in­creased cooperation between the two provinces in various sectors. Tessori also suggest­ed that the exchange of del­egations would benefit both Sindh and Punjab.


Punjab, known for its rich cultural diversity, proudly boasts the Saraiki culture as one of its most beautiful and unique. On the occasion of Sa­raiki Culture Day, Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi extended his warm­est greetings to the Saraiki people. He highlighted the Ajrak, an emblematic symbol of Saraiki culture, represent­ing a distinct identity, and the sweet melody of the Saraiki language that truly captivates the heart.

The chief minister further praised the people of the Saraiki areas, commending their kind, loving and caring nature, and recognizing their bravery and hard work as the core values of their culture.

He also acknowledged the immense contribution of the region’s intellectuals and po­ets, who are an asset to Pun­jab and Pakistan. Celebrat­ing regional culture days, the chief minister emphasized, serves as a reminder of the customs and traditions of different regions, fostering awareness and sensitivity to­wards cultural diversity. The provincial government con­tinues to promote harmony, brotherhood, and tolerance in society by celebrating days of regional cultures. The cel­ebration of Saraiki Culture Day is an excellent example of the government’s efforts to acknowledge and honor the vibrant regional cultures of Punjab, he concluded.


Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has sought a report from RPO DG Khan about rape-cum-mur­der of a child in Muzaffargarh and directed that strict action be taken against the arrested suspects in accordance with the law. Provision of justice be ensured to the bereaved family, he added and noted that the perpetrators do not deserve any leniency.

He also extended sympa­thies to the bereaved fam­ily and assured them of the provision of justice. In the meantime, the police have registered a case and ar­rested two suspects.

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