Contributions of Pakistani women towards global peace

Pakistani women in uniform have made significant contributions not only inland, but have equally marked their impact at international level especially global peace

Pakistan acknowledges the fact that in order to capitalize the returns from Gender Parity; women's well-being and empowerment in all aspects of life is more crucial than ever. Accordingly, Pakistan fully supports and remains committed to United Nations agenda on "Women, Peace, and Security (WPS)" - which advocates equal rights for women and calls for the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in decision making process, Pakistan has accordingly acceded to several key international commitments towards development of women's rights.

Establishment of National Commission on the Status of Women is another such effort aimed at examining policies, programs and measures taken by the Government for women's development and gender parity. However, Pakistan's most significant commitment to advancing WPS agenda comes through its enhanced representation of women in uniform and their contributions. Pakistani women in uniform have made significant contributions not only inland, but have equally marked their impact at international level especially global peace.

Recognizing the role that women can play in peacekeeping and post conflict reconstruction, Government of Pakistan has gradually enhanced participation of "Pakistani Female Peacekeepers" in United Nations’ Peacekeeping Operations. So far, over five hundred female peacekeepers as part of military and police contingents have served under United Nations Flag in various United Nations’ Missions. Currently female peacekeepers are deployed in seven peacekeeping missions with varying roles of Staff Officers, Military Observers, Engagement Teams, Psychologists, Medical staff, Gender Advisors, Vocational Trainers and Stress Counselors. Their multiple roles ranging from providing medical care to performing operational duties, exemplifies their confidence and commitment to professional obligations.

 Pakistani female peacekeepers believe that investment in women leads to accelerated progress of society and have contributed in developing the conflict ridden communities through outreach programs and community resource building. Few of the ventures undertaken by Pakistani Female Peacekeepers include organizing skill development/ vocational trainings, education to local children, free  medical camps, patrolling to conflict areas, awareness workshops on Human/ Women Rights, Protection of Children, Personal Hygiene, Mother/ Neonatal care, Post Trauma Stress Management. Capacity building through Quick Impact Projects (QIPS) and community engagement programs by female peacekeepers have not only improved access to local communities but they also serve as role models and inspire women and children of conflict ridden areas to move forward and contribute towards sustainable peace and development.

Pakistan also remains committed to Uniform Gender Parity Strategy (UGPS) of United Nations for enhanced representation of women in uniform. The remarkable achievements of Pakistani female peacekeepers on global peacekeeping efforts is a testament of efforts for inclusivity and gender parity made by Government of Pakistan. On this day people of Pakistan feel proud about the achievements of brave women performing their obligations away from their home and families and pray for their success.

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