Aleem Khan throws open debate challenge to PTI chief Imran Khan

Says Khan minted money in RUDA, business district

LAHORE  -  Responding to the allegations leveled by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan, the estranged PTI leader Abdul Aleem Khan has thrown an open debate challenge to the party chief, alleging that the former prime minister minted money by distributing lands to his favourite developers in projects like RUDA and the business district. “I openly challenge him to have a debate on any TV channel, anywhere and anytime on the allegations he has leveled against me,” he said while talking to the media here.

Aleem said he bought land from the private people to develop a residential society which he owned even before 2010 when Imran Khan along with his friends came to his house to ask for money.

“I have been accused of regularising 300 acres of land, but Imran Khan should know that I have more than 3,000 acres of land. Imran Khan should remember that he had come to my house to request me to join the party,” he affirmed.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that Imran Khan should tell the nation all the facts about the financers through whom he set up Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA). He alleged that Khan acquired lands at the cheaper government rate and later distributed the same among his favorite developers and allowed the construction of shopping plazas, golf courses and commercial buildings. He further alleged that lands were distributed among relatives of Vice Chairman LDA, Farah Gogi and another developer. Without naming Malik Riaz, Aleem Khan said that another real estate tycoon was also among the beneficiaries. Abdul Aleem Khan reminded Imran Khan that since the Minar-e-Pakistan meeting in 2011, whenever there was a difficult time for the party, how he supported him and the PTI. He regretted that Imran Khan made this accusation which had no basis. “Today, the quotation of Hazrat Ali (R.A) of 1,500 years ago is proving to be true that “one should be careful to whom you oblige”. Abdul Aleem Khan said that Imran Khan had not appointed him as the Chief Minister of Punjab because his choice was Buzdar through whom he wanted to bring Farah on front to do corruption and get huge amounts of money in every posting and transfer. “If Aleem Khan had been the Chief Minister of Punjab, no Farah Khan was allowed to do so,” he said. He also reminded Imran Khan that during the party campaigns, a big developer refused to allow the helicopter of Imran Khan to land on his porperty saying: “I am not Aleem Khan to do loss of my business.” He further said that since Imran Khan was silent before, he did not say anything against him also. He asked Imran Khan to be careful in future and refrain from leveling baseless allegations; otherwise, more realities about him would unfold automatically.

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