Cheema meets Alvi

President directs Punjab governor to continue working

ISLAMABAD  -  Punjab Governor Umer Sarfraz Cheema called on President Alvi in Islamabad on Friday and discussed latest issues concerning his governorship in the province.

It was the first ever meeting of the Punjab Governor with President Arif Alvi since his assuming the office last month. He was appointed Punjab governor during the then PM Imran Khan.

Sources told The Nation that Governor Umer Cheema apprised the President about the alleged illegal steps taken against him to remove him from the office. He told the President that he would continue to fight against such illegal steps.

Umer Cheema told the President that he had not violated the constitution at all and acted within the parameters of the constitution.

The governor also discussed the summaries sent by the PM to the President for his removal as governor.

The President, according to the sources, directed him to continue his governorship as per constitution.

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