KARACHI   -  Two youngsters and a child drowned while bathing at Sea View beach here. According to details, The body of one of the drowned youth has been recovered while search for two others is underway, two boys and a child who went to the sea for joy on the second day of Eid were washed away by a big wave while bathing in the sea. Edhi’s divers were informed who started the search immediately. After about 12-hour struggle the divers were able to find the body of 20-year-old Sono son of Khurram Shehzad. The body was handed over to his heirs while the search for the other drowned 20-yearold Daniyal and 8-year-old Faisal was underway. Dil Agha, the father of Faisal, said that his son was also in a little deep water. He called Faisal to come back. He then went to bring his other children from water but when he came back, he found Faisal was missing,

He said, it cannot be ascertained whether Faisal is drowned or abducted by someone. Deceased Daniyal was a resident of Gulshan-e-Hadeed. His parents told that Daniyal alongwith 10 other friends had gone to Sea View in the afternoon on Wednesday, the second day of Eid.

Sono, Daniya and five other boys went to the water when a big wave took them away.