Alarming minimization of Water Reservoirs

By Iqra Saeed

Drops by drops

Plentifies the sea

Adorning with pearl

Beautifies the shelly

Sheltering sea beings

Healthy life it brings

Rains play friendly

Raises it fondly

Dams are made

Prevent its fade

Then it is preserved

Human beings are served

Water acts paramount

Benefic to uncount

But sometimes it happens

Where water is strong weapon

Those people give a damn

For constructing imperative dams

No water is saved

No safer plans are made

Allah adverses that land

Barrens it to sand

Drops start to dry

Rains dearth let cry

Throats urge for water

Dehydrated by its shorter

Fruitless would be crops

Human needs get chop

Unsterilized would be tools

Diseases would all over rule

Sanitation would be nasty

All it serves will musty

Floods would reason demolish

Upset crops flourish

Water is so magnefic

Devaluing it ends terrific

Save each of its drop

Prevents its gradual stop

Raise your voice for dams

Be mindful of all scams

Pakistan Super League

 By Iqra Saeed

 Cheerup! Cheerup!

It's a super league 

Cheerup cheerup 

Its a 5 squads league

#Lahore Qalandars!!

will not surrender

#Karchi kings!!

Will rock the ring

#Quetta Gladiators!

Will shock the haters

#Islamabad United!

Will stay elated

#Peshawar Zalmi!

Will run on stormy

We play to love

We play to win

We love indeed

Gear up! Gearup!

Its a super league


Its a 5 squads league

Let's Serve smiles to nation

Dubai is a cheering station

Clap for your dear champions

Foreigners act our companions

Pak will bat and ball

Morales can not fall

Rush and hush at same time

Cricket goals are most prime

We play as one nation 

With no foreign conspiration

We share jest

We boost zest

We bond indeed


Its Pakistan's league

Cheerup! Cheerup

Its Pak 5 squads league

Published in Young Nation magazine on February 11, 2017