By Abdul Hakeem khan

The learning and knowledge gained by careful study and teaching are twin sacred phenomena in the universe. Language denotes a medium for expressing thoughts in words. Moreover languages such as such as English, French,  Urdu are used  by different nations of the world as a means to communicate their expressions by words in simple, flowery or opprobrious bed and abusive language.

The English language was meant to be used by the people of  England  and countries connected with the United Kingdom of Great Britain, North Ireland, Scotland, The Welsh and people who live there in the scope.

The learning and teaching of English Language for academic purpose in Pakistan for people who are using English for study or business, but whose first language is not English. I have traveled a lot in European countries and studied there too and I have observed that in London modern English is spoken and used in print and electronic media also.

The old English is called ANGLO-SAXON (ANGLO –SAXON Kings) one of the 6th country German conqueror of Britain.

Traditionally, other countries including Pakistan, English is an official and formal language. Moreover, it is international communication throughout the globe.

The English is spoken in Pakistan for study and literary use. It is also used in offices and business circles. Generally, every O and A level schools stated that our English is best and have standard too, but their views are not at par, in my view there must be a streamline on the literature.

The English is a provenance of England Elbert, English is spoken in the world and completely change the way a situation develops in languages.

The claim of Pakistani schools for high standard in niggling and not constructive and developmental. They are earning a lot of money on the shoulders of English language and in return are only able to deliver in the form of heavy bags and a lot of home work.

I humbly request the Pakistan Ministry of Education, please chalk out the plan with the collaboration of British Council as Pakistan is a member of Common Wealth countries to streamline the standard. The process of teaching, training, learning and lesser school fee should be the measures immediately taken by the schools in order to make learning easier and approachable for all segments of the societies.

Published in Young Nation magazine on February 4, 2017