LAHORE - The three-day Faiz International Festival will be held at Alhamra on The Mall from November 17 to 19.

The festival is being organised to commemorate the death anniversary of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. An Indian author, who has written the book ‘Lahore - A Sentimental Journey’ will also participate in event besides bigwigs of Pakistani intelligentsia.

The Faiz Foundation Trust will hold a press conference today. According to the organisers, the Faiz International Festival is celebration of what Faiz Ahmed Faiz stood for. Apart from local writers, musicians, artists and activists from across the globe will come together to share their work and ideas and celebrate one of the greatest poets of Urdu language.

Scriptwriter Zehra Nigah, travelogue writer and novelist Mustansir Hussain Tarrar, poet Amjad Islam Amjad, historian of Urdu literature and professor at FC College Dr Arfa Syeda Zahra, Dr Amir Jaffri, Yasmeen Hameed, Haroon Khalid and Dr Tahir Kamran will attend the festival.

A session on music will be attended by Nadeem Farooq Paracha, Arshad Mehmud, Yousaf Kerai and singer Jawaad Ahmed.

The Faiz Festival will host activities for children, including debate competitions, theatre workshop by Hanna Gardell, art and photography activities by The Litter Art, and science workshop for children.

Music performances by Tina Sani and Tanya Wells will mesmerise the audience at Faiz International Festival. Dance performances, Kathak performances, recitation of Faiz’s poetry and storytelling are also part of the festival. Theatre performances by Zambeel Theatrical, readings and theatre plays will be staged for the audience.

The Tarz Group, which has regularly featured in orchestral performances worldwide, will stage traditional classical performances for the visitors at Faiz Festival.

At sessions on film and TV, bigwigs of the industry like Jami, Javed Sheikh, Nabeel Qureshi, Bilal Sami, Shaan, Yusuf Salahuddin, Navid Shehzad, Samiya Mumtaz, Samina Peerzada and Sarmad Khoosat will speak.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz was born on 13 February 1911 and breathed his last on 20 November 1984. He got Lenin Peace Prize and remained one of the most celebrated writers of Urdu language.

Faiz was nominated for Nobel Prize for Literature. He was a notable member of the Progressive Writers Movement (PWM). The Soviet Union (Russia) awarded Lenin Peace Prize to Faiz in 1962.

His poetry in the era of General Ziaul Haq became a symbol of resistance against dictatorship and became a popular voice. Faiz wrote his famous poem Bol ke lab azaad hein terey in 1941.