FJWU holds screening of BOL to highlight issues

RAWALPINDI: Department of Communication and Media Studies at Fatima Jinnah University, in collaboration with Center of Communication Programs Pakistan, Baltimore organized screening of selected clips from the Pakistani movie ‘BOL” followed by a talk on the careful entertainment education messaging in the film.

The latter is a sister organization of John Hopkins University. The aim of this event was to educate the students on issues of gender equity, family planning, maternal health, informed varsity spokesman on Monday.

Fayaz Ahmad executive producer of “BOL” was the speaker at the event. 

He explained the objectives of the movie and highlighted the major issues plaguing the country related to women, injustice, violence and inequality.

Faculty of the Department of Media and Communication Studies, Fatima Jinnah University thanked CCP for providing students of Communication and Media Studies the opportunity to discuss and ask questions on the issue of women rights in Pakistan.

She stressed that media has an important role to play in raising awareness and changing people’s mindset.

The sensitization, she added, will help to prepare a cadre of media professionals who are already informed of these issues. 

A large number of Communication and Media Studies students and faculty members participated in this educational session.–staff reporter