By Junaina Rizvi


We live in a society where looks are very important and are given importance more than anything. It’s 2017 but still people fall for looks, but are looks really that important? Actually, you know what answer is still not known because we are not sure that what is our answer.

It should not be a debate, but it has become a debate nowadays. But I’m really pleased to tell you all that now people are really aware of the fact that looks really don’t matter at all. It’s always the good heart, soul, manners that are counted.

I see some people who are in inferiority complex because they don’t fall into category of today’s time of beauty parameters. That’s totally insane. How can even a person feel bad for his skin, color, features. Your looks are God given, you should be proud, satisfied with it and be thankful for it. These things shouldn’t get much importance. We shouldn’t be in influence; as they don’t define us, that is our achievements that define us.

I actually asked myself this question, that: is that really important to look good always? No, not at all. You should be in good manners when dealing with people, that’s what is more appealing in your personality. Looks will fade, but a good heart, manners and personality never fade.

“Beauty starts from the point where you start believing in yourself”

The idea of writing on this topic is to cut the roots from where these beauty parameters raised. This is happening all because of the constant advertisements of fairness, beauty products. I don’t mean to completely stop advertising them, maybe they are helpful, but I just mean it shouldn’t be like giving hope to the people that this beauty product will change your entire look in just 7 days. Like really? Are you making fools out of the people?

Even I use makeup I’m a girl, everyone uses it, but idea of makeup is just to enhance natural beauty. Nothing more.

“You should stop underestimating yourself by comparing with others, it’s all our differences that make us unique and different”

Love yourself.

I would like to ask you all this question: What matters to your Outer beauty or Inner beauty?Be Honest.

Published in Young Nation magazine on February 4, 2017