By Ayesha Salim

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Her name is Elsa. She had two brothers. One was called Tom and the other was Ben. One day they decided to go for a picnic. They packed their bags. As they were about to reach the hill. The rain started and the weather became foggy. Because of the rain they took the wrong direction  and reached a small and old motel. Their car's engine stopped working. So, the parents went to look for a mechanic and told the children not to go anywhere. The place was too strange. Elsa decided to do an adventure. She decided to climb the cliff across the road and asked her brother to pick the picnic bag, she then locked the car and told her brothers to follow her. When they crossed the road. They saw two big cliffs. The children decided to go on the cliff which was on the left side. They soon started to climb the cliff as they covered half of the distance. They ate some fruits and again started climbing the cliff. When they reached the top of the cliff. They saw a forest on the opposite side. They desperately ran down the cliff and Elsa along with her two brothers started walking towards the forest. After hours of walking, they covered half of the distance of the forest, they felt sleepy and tired. They all decided to take a break and slept in the middle of forest. After four or five hours they woke up and they realized that they had forgotten the way from where they came from. They tried to find their way back to where their car was parked but they never really found it.

 Moral Of The Story:

"Always obey your parents and listen to them."

Published in Young Nation magazine on February 4, 2017