By Sabene Rizvi

That day was a beautiful day, the comet convention was going to happen again this year on Reemorico's planet so everyone was busy with the preparations.

The sun was shining brightly from where Reemorico could see as Reemorico lived on Mercury because Reemorico’s species had special organs in their body that felt cold, if even 20 kilometers away from the sun and this resulted in thousands of deaths. Reemorico’s planet was grey coloured and smelled like Blue berries. At the time, Reemorico was only 5 years old and was with his mother and father. Reemorico’s father run the power plant. His mother was busy making Coladanapata, a culture dish that Reemorico loved to eat and so did the other kids, Reemorico didn’t know that the humans did not know about other aliens so he was going to send an invite to the Earth when his father stopped and said, “We can’t do this as they don’t know about us and it could be dangerous”.

Reemorico visited the disappearing ocean that day, he spent the whole afternoon there gazing at the boiling hot ocean thinking about, why don’t they know about us, when we know about them. Reemorico then met, a three eyed alien who said, “My name is Raven”, and just when Reemorico was going to say, “Hi, I’m……, he was interrupted, “Reemorico right”, “I can read minds, and listen your father stopped you because earthlings are dangerous as they do all sorts of experiments on Alien bodies and sometimes they even kill them to find out what’s inside of us”.  “Reemorico”, a man’s voice approached from behind, it was Reemorico’s grandfather who told Reemorico, a story, “Once upon a time, four astronauts arrived from the Earth to find us aliens, there names were Joseph M. Acaba, Loren Acton, James Adamson and Viktor M. Afanasyev, when we met them they were sent to capture us and bring us back to the Earth, they were about to but then they didn’t because they felt that this was wrong so they let all of us go and they were about to leave when the chief said, “ Wait, please don’t go without having stay for a few days”, so they stayed and it was the best week ever, on the first day of their stay, they taught us how to light fire to cook food to feed ourselves because everyone was falling sick due to eating raw food and also gave us gifts such as, a comb, a frying pan, a pack of mushroom seeds, on the second day, we made clothes with the astronauts and on the final day, they told us, stories about the Earth then they all went back to the Earth but after a few years, more astronauts came and found us but didn’t not let us go , your ancestors were killed, some were tortured but Reemorico, some hid and were never found. Not all humans are nice Reemorico”.

Published in Young Nation magazine on February 11, 2017