Child labour is a highly sensitive issues of Pakistan which is looming over the entire country. Since Pakistan’s birth, it is remained unaddressed. According to ILO estimation in a 2012 survey that 12.5 million children group age of 5 to 14 have been involved in child labor in Pakistan. There are 25 million children are out of schools and out of which 15 million are economically active. 

Undoubtedly, it is a heartrending to see the innocent faces working at mechanics shops, restaurants, petrol pumps, hotels and collecting garbage.They have to work from dawn to dusk to eke-out their families.The have to obey the orders of their owners and endure their unethical behaviors . Indeed it is nothing less than cruelty to see tools in their little hands instead of holding pen and book. They have deprived of a quality education and love of their beloved parents. They are constantly grappling in the dark distress of ignorance. 

Certainly, this alarming situations which have wasted our 40%intelligentsia, stems up from soothing poverty, over population, low literacy rate and lack of job opportunities. Therefore, the poor parents forced their children to trap in child labour for their survival. These appalling dilemmas of effected children shows a sa image of our country to the world. It also poses social and political instability across the country. Because, If these wanders get fail in finding a positive incentive, then they would become to involve in street crime, terrorists activities, drug addictions and sexual abuses. 

In order to put an end to this enigma, government should ensure the implementation of Article 11 of the constitution of Pakistan, which has strictly prohibited slavery and child labors. They should be provided a quality education and financial support according to Article 25 of the constitution. It is the only way forward to protect our invaluable asset from further destruction. 


Balochistan, October 22.