Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar will depart for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah on Sunday.

CM Usman Buzdar along with his family will depart for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. He will reach Madinah to pay his respects at Roza-e-Rasool Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

He will perform nawafil there and pray for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and the nation.

He will leave for Makkah to perform Umrah after visiting Madinah.

Earlier in May, Prime Minister Imran Khan had performed Umrah after he reached Makkah during his three-day visit to Saudi Arabia.

The prime minister had reached Makkah along with his wife and members of the Pakistani delegation and performed the ritual in one of the holiest sites of Islam.

Before performing Tawaf, the doors of the Holy Kaaba were opened for PM Imran Khan, where he was allowed to witness it from inside.

Prior to arriving in Makkah, PM Imran Khan had paid respect at Roza-e-Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him) in Madina Munawara and offered Navafil and Namaz-e- Maghrib in Masjid-e- Nabvi.

The premier had prayed for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.