Despite the ban on the sale of land to non-residents in GB, the revenue department is actively busy with the sale deeds. The black sheep is facilitating the buyers on backdates. The trick is to transfer land to locals and facilitate the non-residents under an underhand deal.

Presently, 3 five-star hotels are planned to be constructed in huge areas of land not less than 45 kanals. The relatives of VVIP have also purchased land in Shigar and Skardu. This whole facilitation is arranged in connivance with revenue officials said to be involved in this unlawful act.

It is also said the prominent political figures of PTI and others have purchased a huge area of land in Skardu and Chunda. To stop this practice, the CM GB should be proactive. His orders are violated and revenue department officials are providing an underhanded deal.

I request the CM, and CJ of GB to take notice of the illegal practice and protect the rights of residents of GB.