Another alleged audio of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and Former Prime Minister Imran Khan leaked in a day has gone viral on social media, allegedly featuring PTI chief Imran Khan, ex-human rights minister Shireen Mazari, and former planning minister Asad Umar.

In the fresh audio leaked on Friday evening, the PTI chairman can be seen discussing how to further mould people’s opinions on cipher.

At the start of the audio, Imran allegedly says, "We have to get the pressure so high so that anyone going for the vote [of no confidence] on Sunday (April 9) would think twice and be branded for life if they vote [against me,]" he says.

At this, Asad Umar reacted by saying that the matter of the letter should have been raised at least a week, 10 days before it was made public.

"The impact of this letter is far-reaching and it has reached all over the world," Imran allegedly responds.

"The Chinese have issued an official statement [...] that they condemn America’s interference in our internal affairs," Shireen allegedly interrupted and said.

"Feed Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq’s narrative to the people. The [people] going to the assembly for voting should be branded as Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq", Khan could allegedly be heard saying in the leaked audio.

Earlier today, in another alleged audio tape The PTI chairman is telling his cabinet that, “You have got it wrong that the number game has been completed.” He said the number is not satisfactory, along with telling them to not to lose hope as the game is not over.

In the alleged audio, Imran Khan underscored that 48 hours from now are very important and many things of great importance are going on.

“I’m making many calculated moves on my part that can’t be made public,” added Imran Khan.

The PTI Chairman went on saying in the audio that, “I am buying five MNAs and the five I have are very important.”

In the alleged audio, the former prime minister while hinting to someone directed to tell that person that if he gets them five more members, they will have 10 and the game will be in their hands.

Imran Khan said that, “The nation is worried now and they want us to win in any way, so don’t worry about whether it is right or wrong.”

“Well, whatever the tactics, if someone breaks even one MNA, it will make a big difference,” said PTI Chairman.