It is time to deal sternly, instead of mere condemnations, with this repetitive impulsive disorder by immoral men to harass women in public places on Independence Day. The latest being at Islamabad’s Shakarparian where two foreign women accompanied by a male were molested. 

Incidences of harassment and molesting were reported again at Lahore’s Minar-e-Pakistan, reminding us of what occurred in 2021. There is a sickening tolerance for such immoral behaviour among women in this country. If the federal and provincial governments at the helm in 2021 had taken action in accordance with the law, they would not have recurred in 2022.

It was none other than a former PM who blamed the victims in 2021, for dressing in a provocative manner. Do we remember what was said that “Men Are Not Robots”? What more is needed to reinforce, that this tolerance for immorality has eroded our society? Have we forgotten the incident where a former President, while on an official visit to the USA in September 2005 blamed women for planning their rape to seek immigration to Canada etc., when confronted with questions by a select audience in New York?