NEW YORK - Recently made-public, the FBI report revealed a detailed account of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s alleged 2016 altercation on their private plane. Jolie’s exclusive photos - from fight were also submitted to the FBI – were leaked online and sent shock waves in Hollywood.

The shocking revelation has drawn major impact on Pitt as he has started losing friends in Hollywood, reportedly.  According to National Enquirer report in latest edition, a source revealed that people in Hollywood initially thought the Eternals actress, 47, responsible for the feud with Pitt.  However, the disturbing images of Jolie with contusions and marks allegedly made them think twice about the Fight Club star.  An insider revealed, “a lot of people are looking at Brad now and wondering if he’s not the bad guy in all this after all.”

The leaked pictures were submitted by the Maleficent star to the FBI’s investigation for the couple’s marriage-ending 2016 fight aboard a private jet.  Jolie alleged that Pitt had been drinking on the flight and abused their son Maddox. However, Pitt has reportedly, denied the claims.