Consuming a balanced diet is the guarantee of a healthy life.


LAHORE    -   PMBMC in collaborationwith Punjab Food Authority organ­ised a “Nutrition Assessment Camp” at Model Bazaar China Scheme on 6th September.

Shoaib Khan Jadoon, DG, Pun­jab Food Authority and Ms Nazia Jabeen, Chief WTO, ICI&SDD vis­ited Model Bazaar China Scheme, checked the arrangements of the camp and also took round of the bazaar. PMBMC and PFA mutu­ally will extend these kind of ac­tivities in other Model Bazaars of Punjab for public relief.

Consuming a balanced diet is the guarantee of a healthy life, a nutrition awareness camp was organized to strengthen immu­nity in collaboration with Punjab Food Authority and Punjab Model Bazaar Management Company. The camp was organized in Model Bazaar China Scheme in which DG Food Authority spoke to the audi­ence during a special participation visit and visited the model market, DG Food Authority Shoaib Jadoon said that nutritious food is essen­tial to strengthen immunity dur­ing daily stress.

The nutritionist is informing the public about the choice of balanced and nutritious food. He further said that body mass index, weight and height tests are being done free of charge for those who come for check-up in the camp. While dietary guid­ance is also being provided to protect citizens from viral infec­tions and dengue, make the body accustomed to light physical ac­tivity to fight diseases, he added.

DG Food Authority said that eating outside and consuming soda drinks can lead to various diseases. The use of vitamins and minerals in food strength­ens the immune system, Chief World Trade Organization Cell Najia Jabeen says that the awareness camp of the Punjab Food Authority to strengthen the immunity of the people is a very commendable initiative. Also, Punjab Food Authority has an important role in changing the eating habits of the people.