ISLAMABAD    -   The federal government is like­ly to impose a cut of up to Rs 100 billion on the Public Sec­tor Development Programme (PSDP) 2022-23. To help the flood affected areas with ad­ditional funds, the Plan­ning Commission is evolv­ing mechanism for imposing this cut on the PSDP, offi­cial source told The Nation. There are three components of the federal developmental outlay which includes rupee component, foreign exchange component (FEC) and alloca­tions for viability gap fund (VGF). Under the plan, the fast moving, important and new PSDP projects are likely to be exempted from the cut while the slow moving and less important projects will face the brunt, the source said. The Planning Commis­sion will ask the ministries/divisions to identify the slow moving/less important proj­ects in this regard to make the funding cut. However, it has yet to be decided that to whom the PSDP fund will be surrendered, the source said , adding that fund can be sur­rendered to the Prime Min­ister’s Flood Relief fund, Finance Division or to Ac­countant General.