KARACHI - Karachi police killed two alleged dacoits in a shoot-out who have looted a family which returned Pakistan from Turkey, on Tuesday. The shoot-out took place near Karachi’s Nipa Chowrangi. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) West Muqaddas Haider told the media that the police team has timely responded to 15 complaint after the criminals in a car looted $800 and three bags from a family which returned to Karachi from Istanbul. Police officials said that the dacoits were fleeing from the scene but a police team took on the dacoits. In a shoot-out, two dacoits were killed and another was arrested in wounded condition. DIG West said that the criminals installed a fake number plate on their vehicle. Police also found criminal records of the deceased dacoits. The police officer said that a deceased dacoit was identified as Jasim who was wanted in seven cases. Moreover, an event was organised for honouring the police officials who carried out a successful encounter at Rashid Minhas Road. Additional Inspector General (AIG) Karachi Javed Alam Odho said that a citizen namely Ishrat was returned to Karachi from Istanbul late Tuesday night when the dacoits stopped his vehicle. The dacoits used a vehicle for the robbery. AIG Odho said that the family was deprived of expensive assets, and local and foreign currencies by the dacoits. The family contacted the police and effective response was given to the complaint. Police officials said that the deceased dacoits were associated with a notorious gang known as the Iranian Gang which includes members comprising Afghans and locals. Police recovered the snatched assets and three weapons from the dacoits.