Pakistan Defence Day celebrated at PGMI, AMC.


LAHORE    -   Pakistan Defence Day is celebrat­ed to pay tributes to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives while defending the country during 1965 Indo-Pakistan War.

On the occasion of Defense Day, a dignified ceremony was held here at Post Graduate Med­ical Institute & Ameer Uddin Medical College, in which the medical students fully partici­pated and pledged on this his­toric day their determination to fully safe guard this motherland.

Students reiterated that no sac­rifice will be spared for the safety of the country and the nation.

Principal PGMI/AMC Prof Al-freed Zafar while speaking on the occasion said that the history of Pakistan Army is embraced with­out a doubt that their bravery and courage is always historic.

He added that Defence Day reminds us of the determination and sacrifices of those who did not care about their lives for the security of Pakistan. He added that Pakistan is our lifeline and for its protection we can put our lives on any risk so that we can defend ourselves from enemy.

Prof. Zafar further said that for dignified life it is important to embrace young generation with modern education and research.

Similarly on every festival we have to keep in mind that we will do whatever possible for the suffering humanity, he said.

Prof Al-freed appreciated hold­ing of such ceremony by medical students and said that youth is our real capital and its interest towards national defense is un­doubtedly praiseworthy.

Addressing the ceremony, MS LGH Dr Khalid bin Aslam, Dr Laila Shafiq and Nursing Super­intendent Mrs. Maimona Sattar said that 57 years ago, the Paki­stan Army stood like a leaden wall against the enemy and gave courage to all of us.