ISLAMABAD      -    Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaf (PTI) has con­stituted a five-member com­mittee to jointly craft and implement multi-pronged strategy agreed with JUI-P to “pursue common political objectives.” The five-mem­ber body was notified by PTI Secretary General Asad Umar here on Tuesday. The committee, which would be led by former speaker Na­tional Assembly Asad Qaiser as its Convener, comprises senior party leaders includ­ing Pervaiz Khattak, Ali Mu­hammad Khan, Qasim Khan Suri and Dr Iftikhar Durrani. The body was constituted after prior discussions held between PTI and JUI-P led by Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani, which was authorised to devise a joint strategy to pursue common political objectives. The com­mittee was tasked to take the message and philosophy of Chairman PTI Imran Khan to like-minded political groups to take them onboard in pur­suit of common objectives