The Second World War ended with the era of American dominance. This dominance was an extension of Western Imperialism. The colonial period gradually came to an end starting in 1945. The European powers saw the American hegemony as an opportunity instead of a threat because the alternative was Soviet aggression in the East. The Americans taking advantage of their superior size, geographic location, and economic drive, were able to establish themselves as the superpower. But in the words of Noam Chomsky, the Americans became what he calls, “the godfather” of the world. And this “godfather” was to lead the Mafia which consisted mainly of the Western powers and Israel in the Middle East.

Europe and the United Kingdom have been passive bystanders to American dominance. The Americans effectively control the United Nations. And Europe does not disagree. The Americans violated the United Nations Security Council many times but Western powers tolerated it, and countries like the United Kingdom even joined in, only because of the protection and economic boons they received from Americans in return. The Americans have treated Asia and Africa as their playgrounds. They have actively interfered through their economic policies and military strategies to disrupt any regime in Asia or Africa that goes against the will of Washington. Africa was predominantly left for exploitation by Europe, owing to their reconstruction needs after the Second World War, while Asia and South East Asia in particular were left to be used against the Russians. But China became an exception in all of this. Not understanding the historical richness and the sheer size of China, the Americans miscalculated and in just a few decades, China is now challenging the status quo. And this is the new disagreement with the godfather of the world. And in the words of Noam Chomsky, China is doing what no other nation has been able to do, to defeat the Americans in the free market and have the capacity to develop through peace, development, and investments.

The Americans have dealt with all those who do not obey the policy of isolation, use of force, disruption, and aggression. The American narrative is that those who oppose us are not human and are to be ignored and isolated. There is no mention of any talks or negotiations. Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilisations” idea is mostly outdated now. At the time, when the President of the United States Bill Clinton referred to it, the Iranian Premier wrote a letter to the President calling for a “dialogue of Civilisations” instead of conflict, which was categorically rejected. The same kind of narrative is being seen in the case of North Korea, Venezuela and Cubans.

Disagreement with Washington has destroyed many nations. Anyone who opposes the Americans is met with a Mafia-like gangster approach. The head of the opposition is cut off. For 20 years, in the words of Naom Chomsky, the Americans destroyed the Afghans, used them against the Soviets, and after 20 years deserted them. And now their funds, lying in American banks, are being withheld. Similarly, in Iraq, the Americans destroyed all infrastructure, industry, and commerce and now are sabotaging Iraq as an ally of Iran. Such is the destruction that has followed the American foreign policy of dominance.

The world is coming to realise that China offers an alternative to American dominance. The godfather is up to his old tricks. The Chinese are beating the Americans at their own game. The free market is favouring China. China is developing through regional connectivity, progress, development, investment, and goodwill. It has no intention of invading any nation or indulging in a military conflict with the Americans. The U.S has been beaten economically. Its way of running the world is inefficient, violent, and unilateral. And this inefficient mechanism is not sustainable in the long run. This narrative is building up but the problem is once again in the saying, “the old godfather will not learn new tricks”. And this is the reason that Americans are instigating a conflict with China. Recently, the imposition of sanctions and controversy in Taiwan is signalling that a clash is inevitable. The disagreement is clear, the Chinese and its allies are not willing to obey American wishes. And if it comes to a military or cold war, the Chinese are economically and militarily equipped to give an existential threat to Americans and its allies. It remains to be seen whether the conflict is the only way forward or whether the declining superpower is willing to give a chance to negotiations, power-sharing, and mutual respect.