The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) Sukkur officials arrested two alleged terrorists associated with a banned outfit during a raid near Khairpur. The CTD spokesperson said in a statement that two ‘terrorists’ namely Aziz Domki and Mitha Khan Makki were arrested during a raid near Khairpur. “Both suspects received terrorism training in Afghanistan and were involved in anti-state activities.” The spokesperson added that the arrested men were experts in IED and explosive material installation. It was learnt that the suspects were also involved in brainwashing common citizens in different cities and facilitating them to go to Afghanistan. The alleged terrorists were also involved in the supply of explosive material to different parts of Sindh province. Earlier in August, the CTD had claimed to arrest two members of the proscribed Sindh Revolutionary Army (SRA) from Hyderabad. The arrests were made during a raid CTD in Hyderabad. Azhar Ahmed, one of the SRA members was involved in a blast at the railway line in Sindh’s Gambat in 2014, the CTD said. In 2015, Azhar blew away the trans machine line in Larkana and in 2016 carried out terror activity by planning explosive material in a bicycle.