The water level has started going down at flooding Manchhar Lake after breach. The water level in the lake, the largest freshwater reservoir in Pakistan, has dropped to 122.5 RL from earlier 123 RL, after a breach and two cuts administered at the banks of lake. The water gushing from the breaches has submerged hundreds of villages. Hundreds of families are said to be still staying in villages amid flooding. Floodwater has advanced to main highways after drowning villages. The water has submerged the Indus Highway suspending vehicular traffic at the road. Motorway Police has blocked a portion of the Indus Highway from Sehwan to Bhan Saeedabad. According to reports, total seven union councils have submerged in the water. The floodwater has entered in Bhan Saeedabad Seem Nullah (saline drain). The dykes at Bhan Saeedabad are in a poor condition with likelihood of a breach in ring embankments of the town. Earlier, it was reported that the floodwater was advancing towards Mehar and exerting pressure at protective embankment of the town. However, a miner drop in the water level at the Main Nara Valley (MNV) Drain has been reported. Local people are working to strengthen the embankment. Several people evacuating from Mehar and Johi owing to entry of floodwater in the area.