4 soldiers martyred, 12 terrorists killed in attack near Afghan border

Deadly clash prompts Pak-Afghan border closure

RAWALPINDI/PESHAWAR  -  At least 12 terrorists were shot dead after they at­tacked two Pakistani mili­tary posts located closer to the Pakistan Afghanistan border in general area of Ka­lash, District Chitral.

“On 6 September 2023, a large group of terrorists equipped with latest weap­ons, attacked two Pakistani military posts located clos­er to Pakistan Afghanistan border in general area Ka­lash, District Chitral,” says a press release issued by the Inter-Services Public Rela­tions (ISPR). “The terror­ists’ movement and con­centration in Gawardesh, Pitigal, Barg-e-Matel and Batash areas of Nuristan and Kunar provinces of Af­ghanistan had already been picked up and were timely shared with Interim Afghan Government, the Pakistan Army said in the statement. 

Owing to heightened threat environment, own posts were already on high alert. The valiant soldiers fought bravely and repulsed the at­tacks inflicting heavy casual­ties to the terrorists. During the fire exchange, twelve terrorists were sent to hell, while a large number has been critically injured. 

However, during the in­tense exchange of fire, four brave soldiers, having fought gallantly, embraced martyr­dom (Shahadat). Sanitization of the area is being carried out to eliminate any other terrorists found in the area. 

Security forces of Pakistan are determined to eliminate the menace of terrorism and such sacrifices of our sol­diers further strengthen our resolve. The brave people of Chitral also stand firmly with the security forces in not al­lowing the terrorists to ruin the peace of the area. 

Interim Afghan Govern­ment is expected to fulfill its obligations and deny the use of Afghan soil by terrorists for perpetuating acts of ter­rorism against Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Exchange of gunfire has led to the clo­sure of Pak-Afghan border at Torkham. District Police Offi­cer Salim Abbas Kulachi told The Nation yesterday that the border had been closed after the exchange of gun­fire. However, he said the sit­uation was under control at the moment. The border has been closed for pedes­trian and commercial activi­ties, and a decision to reopen it would be made after the situation returns to normal. Amid the crossfire, the res­idents of the Bacha Mena border village started evac­uations, moving away from Torkham border point to seek refuge in secure areas.

The Inter-Services Public Relations had not released its statement on the incident till the filing of this report. How­ever, local sources said that the Afghan Taliban had attempt­ed to construct a check-post, which Pakistani authorities had previously called a bor­der violation. The construction work on the post was not halt­ed despite complaints from Pa­kistani authorities, and it was this construction activity that led to the provocation and re­sponse. There were conflict­ing reports about the casual­ties. Some reports said four to six persons had been killed on the Afghanistan side and two on the Pakistani side. How­ever, some said one soldier was injured on Pakistani side and two Taliban soldiers were killed across the border. After the Taliban’s takeover in Kabul, clashes have been reported on multiple occasions between Pakistani security forces and Afghan Taliban forces at the Torkham border. Meanwhile, numerous passengers, includ­ing women, and children, as well as both empty and load­ed trucks were stranded on the border. Several government and private offices shut their doors to avoid getting harmed.

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