Pak-Americans not being denied visas: Embassy

ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan’s embassy in the United States (US) yester­day said that Pakistani-Americans were not being denied visas. “This is unequivocally misinformation and disinformation,” said the embassy spokesper­son. The embassy issued a clarification in response to a query raised during the press briefing held by the US State Department. The question pertained to the reports of the rejection of visas for Pakistani-Ameri­cans seeking to travel back to their country of origin.

“I’m not aware,” said US State Department Princi­pal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel. “This obvi­ously would be. If there were to any, be any issues that arise in this area, certainly would be something for Pakistani consular officials to speak to and not anything as it relates to the State Department, so we’ll just leave it at that.” The Pakistani embassy’s response came after the US State Department ad­dressed the issue. The Pakistan embassy in Wash­ington assured that Pakistani-Americans and other overseas Pakistanis are warmly welcomed to visit Pakistan. The spokesperson affirmed that the em­bassy is actively facilitating consular services, in­cluding visa issuance, for overseas Pakistanis. “We encourage Pakistani-Americans to travel to Pakistan using either their National Identity Card for Over­seas Pakistanis (NICOP) or obtain visas from the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC, as well as our Consulates General in New York, Chicago, Hous­ton, and Los Angeles. Additionally, visa applications can be submitted online round the clock.

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