People express concern over increasing bike-lifting incidents

Mardan  -   The residents of Toru-mera have expressed great concern over the increasing cases of motorbike snatching and robberies.

The majority of the villages in Toru-mera have turned into dens for motorbike snatchers and robbers, causing significant distress to the residents. It has been learned that a significant number of residents in Sharifabad, Chatali, Barata, and other adjacent areas within the jurisdiction of Toru police station have been lodging complaints about robbers and motorbike snatchers freely roaming the area and fearlessly conducting their criminal activities.

Residents have reported that unknown robbers enter houses during the night, while armed motorbike snatchers brazenly steal motorcycles in broad daylight. They have added that these criminal activities have created a sense of panic among the community, primarily because there is no police patrolling in the area.

They have alleged that the majority of the villages have become “no-go” areas for the people, as the local police have failed to curb these criminal elements.

In an attempt to obtain a statement from the District Police Officer regarding this matter, this correspondent sent a text message to his cell number, but he did not respond.

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