People, Pakistan armed forces to thwart internal, external threats, says Khawaja Asif

SIALKOT   -  Former Federal Minister Khawaja Asif said on Wednesday that people of Pakistan and its brave armed forces will become a security bar­rier against internal and external threats posed by the enemies. 

Speaking after recitation of Fate­ha at the memorials of martyrs in Chawinda, Kh Asif said armed forces and people of Pakistan would foil enemy designs and defeat any con­spiracy against the motherland. “In Chawinda, there was a battle of tanks bigger than the Great War. Sialkot was saved. Sialkot was defended. Who became an iron wall against In­dian designs? Even today, Pakistan needs similar defence,” he said.

“Even today, our ideological bor­ders still demand sacrifices. Against terrorism, from the mountains of KP to the sea, we are united for our homeland,”said the former defence minister. He said, “There should not be any doubt about unity of Pakistan’s 240 million people. The nations who forget their benefactors, Allah Almighty takes away from them their right to live.” Kh Asif said, “We will take care of the country. Even today, the sons of our dear homeland are alive and sacrific­ing their lives to safeguard the borders of the country. The martyrs sacrificed their lives for our present and safe fu­ture.” On the occasion, Muslim League leaders Rao Yameen Advocate, Qasir Saeed, Rana Jafar Hussain and Javed Iqbal Virk said they would not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the country.

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